These girl’s can

Lorraine Palmer

Lorraine has poured her heart and soul into the development and promotion of Riverside Golf Club Mildura, in so many ways over the past 20 odd years. She has been instrumental in the growth of Riverside in general and in particular the Ladies Membership.

Lorraine the coach:

In 2003, together with Jenny Leach, she introduced Beginner’s Clinics, which countless numbers of ladies in the district attended, many of whom are still members of Riverside. These clinics, were conducted on a regular basis, over the following six years.

In recent years Lorraine has resurrected these Clinics. Once again, encouraging local Ladies to join our Club. In the interim, she has always been at the ready to pass on any golfing knowledge she has to assist any of the ladies or men, one on one, when they may be struggling with their game.

Lorraine the volunteer:

Lorraine has been a great help in working behind the counter, sending out the Men’s Fields for countless years, as a volunteer.

She is the instigator and leader of the regular spreading of loam on bare areas on many of the fairways.

The sale of pre loved Golf Balls has been a good money spinner for the Club over many years. Just another of Lorraine’s projects.

She has been part of the Bistro Team on many occasions, and often volunteering for other kitchen duties, with catering for out of club functions.

She also fills up all dirt buckets before every competition.

Lorraine the gardener:

If not totally on her own, leading and with the assistance of other lady members she had gathered, Lorraine has organised and planted up most of the gardens around the Club House and Course for at least the past 10 years. We all pass these areas every time we play. The garden at the entrance to the Car Park, the rose gardens around the club house, the garden which overlooks the Seventh Creek, the one on the side of the ladies Fifth Tee, the creeper on the back of the men’s Eighth Tee and the trees at the back of the Eighth Green. Also the garden next to the old Golf Shop was her initiative. Not to mention all the trees she has purchased, or propagated and planted along many fairways.

This didn’t stop with the planting, Lorraine constantly watered these.... most times by filling large containers with water and transporting them by cart to the needy plants, until irrigation was set in place.

Lorraine the golfer:

Together with her dedication to Riverside, her personal achievements within the Club are numerous : Club Champion Fourteen times, Foursomes Champion Eleven times, Number one Pennant player numerous times, Represented our District at Country Teams for over Twenty Years.

A single figure handicapper in her prime, she still holds a very respectable teenage handicap at almost 80 years of age.

Lorraine has also taken the role of Ladies Captain exceptionally well.

There are many other areas where Lorraine helps out, around the Club, which are too numerous to mention but still very important. A worthy recipient of a Life Membership at the 2019 AGM, in appreciation of exceptional service to Riverside Golf Club Mildura.

This girl can certainly influence, encourage others, communicate effectively, make a difference to the lives of individuals and the contentment and productivity of a club. This girl CAN. . . . . do anything very, very well.

Stephanie Baker

Stephanie Baker, was still only 11 years of age and in Grade six at St. Mary’s Robinvale when she got enough confidence to become a member of Riverside Golf Club in Mildura and regularly join in competitions especially on Saturday, but sometimes mid-week as well.

Stephanie was welcomed with open arms, mothered by all lady members, relaxed and easily felt at home on the course, whoever she was playing with. She particularly recalls her first game with our oldest member Anne Parker 86, as she thoroughly enjoyed the game.

The message behind This Girl Can – Victoria means so much to Stephanie; she can play with anyone, she can feel comfortable with everyone, she is treated equally by all yet she is able and encouraged to strive to fulfil her dreams and lower her handicap as quickly as possible.

Stephanie started off 2019 in B Grade with a 23 handicap and ended the year as a 12 year old in A grade with a handicap of 10.9. She absolutely loves the game and plays and/or practises 3-4 times a week. She is also an active member of the Sunraysia Golf Academy and gives much credit to her father Daniel, for driving her to all her competitions, coaching sessions, pennant games and social outings. This means many hours in the car for both of them as they live almost 100 kilometres from Mildura and many hundreds of kilometres to any other course, particularly state events.

Stephanie is much indebted to local PGA coach Michael McKenzie who has helped Stephanie so much both on and off the course. He is not just a coach but a great mentor for the young child.

Her 2019 achievements include: